A workshop taking recruiters through each stage of the recruitment and selection process used by their organisation. Attendees have the opportunity to practise all the skills required in selecting the most suitable applicant for a position.

Did you know…

19% of new starters leave the role within the first 6 months

Source: Hay Group Directors Survey

What does it cover?

The course will be designed around the organisation’s recruitment and selection process and will cover the following areas:


An overview of each stage of the recruitment and selection process
The benefits of recruiting staff in an objective and structured way

Legal responsibilities

Equality Act 2010: Recognising discrimination in recruitment
Responsibilities under the Data Protection Act 1998 and Asylum and Immigration Act 1996/amended 2008

Role profiles/job descriptions

Writing role profiles/job descriptions/selection criteria for positions
Using competencies/person specifications (depending on the recruitment system used by the organisation)


Short-listing CVs or application forms against the selection criteria for the post
Short-listing grids/scoring CVs or application forms
Other forms of assessment used in the selection of candidates

Interview skills

Interview structure and preparing interview questions
Questioning techniques to get the most out of candidates
Interview skills practise with “mock interviewees”

Evaluation of evidence and feedback

Note taking, and keeping records from an interview
Evaluating evidence and rating/scoring methods
Interview grids
Giving feedback to unsuccessful applicants after interviews.

What will I learn?

By the end of the workshop, managers will be able to

  • Understand how the recruitment process operates within their organisation/department and their role in the process
  • Identify the potential legal pitfalls when recruiting and how to avoid them
  • Write/amend role profiles or job descriptions
  • Use competencies and/or selection criteria for posts effectively
  • Short-list candidates quickly and fairly
  • Understand how other assessments are used in the selection process
  • Structure an interview to get the most out of candidates
  • Write effective interview questions and probe candidates in interviews appropriately
  • Take effective notes and records after interview
  • Evaluate, rate and score evidence gained in an interview/assessment
  • Give useful feedback to unsuccessful applicants after interviews.

More info

Course duration: One or two day workshop delivered by Josie Hastings
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How to book: To learn more about this course or to book a workshop, contact us.

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