A workshop for managers and/or staff, which gives them a thorough understanding of how unconscious bias, equality and inclusion impacts on their interactions with employees, customers, clients, students, patients and/or service users. The course will be very participative. 

What does it cover?

It will cover some or all (depending on duration) of the following areas:

Unconscious and Implicit Bias
  • What is unconscious and implicit bias and the different forms they take
  • How unconscious and implicit bias might affect interactions and processes involving job or university applicants, staff, colleagues, students and/or patients
  • How to minimise the impact of bias
The Equality Act 2010
  • The nine equality strands
  • Recognising discrimination: direct and indirect; discrimination by perception and by association, discrimination arising from disability, occupational requirements and positive action. (Using case studies to illustrate).
Other key legislation
  • Human rights act, right to work, maternity leave, parental leave, domestic leave, flexible working requests. (Using case studies to illustrate).
Responsibilities to external clients, customers, contractors and service users
  • Legal and good practice requirements
  • Dealing with situations
 Harassment and bullying at work
  • Defining and recognising harassment and bullying
  • Preventing and/or dealing with overt and covert behaviour
  • Creating an environment free from harassment and bullying.
Dealing with workplace allegations and incidents
  • Examination of a range of relevant workplace allegations and incidents of discrimination, unfair treatment or harassment and how they could be resolved. (Using case histories to illustrate).
Organisational procedures
  • Using the organisation’s procedures to support managers and staff in dealing with situations.

What will I learn?

 By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Define what is meant by unconscious and implicit bias
  • Identify how unconscious and implicit bias might affect interactions and processes involving job or university applicants, staff, colleagues, students, patient and/or service users
  • Take steps to minimise the impact of bias in their interactions.
  • Define what equality, diversity and respect means in practical terms
  • Understand their statutory and legal obligations in terms of employment, customer care and/or service delivery issues
  • Recognise discrimination and other barriers to diversity and equality
  • Define harassment and bullying and recognise the many forms that they can take
  • Manage issues involving staff in their teams
  • Identify their personal and organisational responsibilities
  • Actions they can take back in the workplace.

More Info

Course duration: Full or half-day workshop delivered by Josie Hastings
How to book: To learn more about this course or to book a workshop, Contact Us.

Unconscious Bias, Equality & Inclusion