Led by Josie Hastings, Josie Hasting Associates offer practical interactive training solutions that engage managers and staff.  With over 25 years’ experience, we have a comprehensive understanding of employment law and aim to assist participants in dealing with challenging situations at work, promptly, fairly and legally. We offer a range of interventions: trainer-led workshops; workshops supported by professional actors as role-players, 1:1 coaching with actors and e-learning.
Our training is always participative, informative and engaging.


The Team 

Josie Hasting – Owner 

A consultant and trainer with extensive experience of delivering training and advice in all the areas offered by the company.

Louise Clare

E-learning materials designer and project manager.

Matt Burgon

E-learning materials designer and project manager.

Actor Coaches
Josie Hasting Associates                                                           

work with a number of actor-coaches to support our training.

Our actor coaches are:     

Roger Lloyd Thompson who acts as an additional scriptwriter and director;  Claire Harding, Lloyd Campbell, Parminder Sekhon, Patricia Gibson Howell, Farzana Begum, Tor Clark, John McKinney, Angela Dixon, Sakuntala Ramanee, Marianne O’Connor and Caron Samaru.

Using actors to support training

All our courses offer the option to work with professional actors to bring  the ‘theory to life’ replacing the need for participants to role-play on courses. Our actors are trained in coaching skills, giving effective feedback and questioning techniques and have worked with a wide range of corporate clients, NHS organisations and the public sector.

The types of interventions they offer include:

Forum Theatre:    

The group watches a scene tailored to a real situation from their workplace and then get to re-direct the action. It’s an invaluable way to experience the changes in a relationship when the participants adapt their conversations and behaviour.

One to One interactions   

This allows for an in-depth practice with an actor/coach of a delegate’s real-life challenging conversation with a staff member. They are able to stop-start the dialogue and get honest feedback from the ‘other’ person? It’s an opportunity for some life-changing light-bulb moments.

Demonstration of Theory  

Our actors bring ‘theory’ to life. They will skillfully and realistically create scenarios that allow the group to experience theory in practice. Participants then practice how to deal with the situation themselves.