An assembly workshop / classroom sessions which help pupils to understand what disability is, how to interact with disabled people and an opportunity for pupils to ask questions about disability. All sessions are tailored to be age-appropriate for both primary and secondary school pupils.

Did you know…

Primary school pupils in England with special educational needs are twice as likely as other children to endure persistent bullying.

Source: BBC/Institute of Education

What does it cover?

It will cover some or all (depending on duration and age of group) of the following areas:

Types of Disability

Understanding different types of disability, causes and effects on individuals. Exploring stereotypes and myths (older groups).
Language and Communication Identifying respectful language when talking about disability and communicating with disabled people.

Helping disabled people

How to offer help to disabled people and the best ways to help.
Including disabled people in our activities.

Q&A Session

Pupils are encouraged to ask any questions they have about disability

Activities & Games

Aimed at stimulating what it’s like to be disabled and giving pupils a different perspective.

All examples, case studies and activities are age appropriate. Booklets are provided to encourage further class discussion.

What will I learn?

By the end of the workshop, pupils will be able to:

  • Understand what disability is and different types of disability;
  • Recognise respectful language and be able to communicate confidently with disabled people;
  • Have their own questions about disability answered.

More info

Course Duration: Assembly workshop (up to 1 hour for whole school) or full day multiple classroom sessions.
How to book: to find out more about this course or to book a workshop, contact Aideen Blackborough

Disability Awareness for Children