Giving Feedback and Managing Difficult Conversations

A workshop with professional actors, enabling participants to practise giving feedback and manage difficult conversations at work with colleagues, customers, managers or staff.

What does it cover?

Good Practice guidelines

Dealing with situations in terms of best practice Dealing with situations in line with company policies.

Forum theatre

The group watch a scene tailored to a real situation from their workplace and then get to re-direct the action. It’s an invaluable way to experience the changes in a relationship when the participants adapt their conversations and behaviour.

One to One coaching with actor-coaches

This allows for an in depth practise with an actor/coach of a delegate’s real-life challenging conversation with a colleague, customer, manager or staff member. They are able to stop-start the dialogue and get honest feedback from the ‘other’ person? It’s an opportunity for some life changing light-bulb moments.

What will I learn?

By the end of the workshop, participants will have:

  • Examined some of the barriers to having difficult conversations with their colleagues, customers, managers or staff
  • Examined ways of giving feedback and managing difficult conversations effectively Practised, by working with actors, ways of approaching and conducting these conversations in ‘real-life’.

More info

Course Duration: A half or full day workshop delivered by Josie Hastings along with actor coaches How to book: To learn more about this course or to book a workshop, contact us.

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