We offer interactive face-to-face and Zoom workshops for managers and staff to help participants identify and address harassment and bullying at work.

What does it cover?

The course will be designed around the organisation’s procedures on dealing with harassment and bullying at work and the types of allegations and incidents they have experienced. It will cover the following areas:

Definitions and examples

How harassment and bullying is defined
The many forms, both covert and overt, that harassment and bullying can take

The legal perspective

The Equality Act 2010 and how it defines harassment and bullying, including third party harassment
Organisational and personal responsibilities in this area
Dealing with unfounded allegations and malicious claims

Dealing with workplace allegations and incidents

Examination of a range of relevant workplace allegations and incidents and how they could be resolved

Organisational procedures

Using the organisation’s procedures can support managers and staff in dealing with situations

Management strategies for preventing harassment and bullying at work

Role modelling appropriate behaviour
When to intervene to prevent situations escalating
Creating an environment free from harassment and bullying.

What will I learn?

By the end of the workshop, managers will be able to:
  • Identify how harassment and bullying are defined
  • Recognise the many forms harassment and bullying can take at work, both overt and covert
  • Recognise the difference between performance management and harassment or bullying Identify how the law deals with incidents of harassment and bullying and the responsibilities of the organisation and persons involved
  • Deal with a range of allegations and incidents more effectively
  • Use the organisation’s procedures effectively to offer support and/or deal with situations Identify ways they can make their workplaces free from harassment and bullying.

More Info

Course duration: This workshop is for managers but can be adapted for non-management staff and mixed groups of managers and staff. Delivered by Josie Hastings.
How to book: To learn more about this course or to book a workshop, contact us.