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harassment and bullying at work uk

Harassment and Bullying at Work No 1

If you manage people, these are words you probably dread. You're not alone; most managers feel the same. This blog post is the first of a series I'm going to
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Dealing with an Employee

Dealing with an Employee Who is Off Sick Regularly

Dealing with an employee who is off sick regularly can be a headache for you. And comes with a high cost to your business. Sickness absence also affects other staff,
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How to Deal with an Employee who is a Poor Performer

How to Deal with an Employee who is a poor performer As a manager, you know it's part of your job to deal with employees who are poor performers. They
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  • Employee says they're being bullied or harassed
  • Carrying out a harassment or bullying investigation in the UK
  • Carrying out a harassment investigation in the US